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This depends on your individual requirements, it may be necessary to install Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet or automated chemical dosing, or simply apply a more diligent hygiene regime. Hence the requirement for specialist advice.

A Corrosion detection and control is now something that with a moderate amount of effort, the smooth running of your plant may be maintained.

Proliferation of bacteria may occur between the temperatures of 20˚C & 46˚C Stored hot water should be at 60˚C, ensuring any secondary circulation is above 50˚C, and maintain this temperature at all hot outlets where there is a risk of scalding for the infirm or very young, a (TMV) blending valve should be fitted at source, providing a maximum temperature of 43˚C.

Approved Code of Practice L 8 was published in January 2001, a copy may be obtained from HSE books PO Box 1999 Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2WA. Alternatively telephone 01787 881165. Fax number 01787 313995.

HSE state that inspection of the water tanks should be carried out bi-annually with a clean and disinfection if required annually, our experience tells us that over the period of twelve months the tanks will require a service, in addition where nutrients such as sediment and iron oxide are present, proliferation of bacteria is likely to occur.

There are methods in place, including improved chemicals available to provide this service

In short yes! HSE call for the following. Identify and assess the sources of risk.

We can look at your system and discuss the appropriate remedial action, and samples taken, where they are tested at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory

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